The Bahamas

These are stories of the Eleutheran island chain — Eleuthera, Harbour Island, and Spanish Wells — and some of the people holding the islands’ communities together. Through natural disasters, pandemics and seasonality, citizens and residents bring life and grit to these tourism-dependent islands.

Discovering Eleuthera

Between a small island ripe with fine dining and resorts, a sleepy fishing village and miles of rugged, undeveloped coastline, the Eleutheran island chain presents innumerable adventures.

Photo by Lacey Williams McGhee

Selling the
Family Jewels

Disney purchased Lighthouse Point in South Eleuthera in 2019. As the company moves toward developing the property, several organizations, activists and individuals contest its cruise port plans. 

Heads South

A life-changing sailboat adventure led Mariah to The Bahamas years ago. Now, she reflects on more than a decade of island living and the variegated path that led her to Harbour Island.

Mariah Moyle
Photo courtesy of Mariah Moyle

Reeling in

COVID-19 gripped the tourism-reliant Bahamian islands during 2020’s peak season. For two lobster fishermen turned tour guides, navigating the pandemic-induced moratorium was a trying experience.

an Island

When the going gets tough, Harbour Islanders get going. With financial support from the island’s tourists, the community banned together to form the Briland Food Bank, ensuring no one went hungry as tourism screeched to a halt. 

Capstone Project by
Lacey Williams McGhee.

Lacey Williams McGhee is a digital marketer, designer and graduate student studying journalism at the Harvard Extension School. Through her island adventures across The Bahamas, Lacey has grown increasingly interested in the country’s rich culture, stunning environment and tourism-dependent economy. She aims to publish a book of photography about the Eleuthera region in the coming years.

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Lacey Williams McGhee, 2019